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We strive to be world players in our field. As company we believe in excellent service, honesty and loyalty to our customers and suppliers and would like to have people with the same ideas as part of our team.


Alternative Structures (Pty.) Ltd is the brainchild of two innovative men inspired by a dream. They wanted to put the knowledge they gained, back into society and were prepared to go the extra mile to make it work.





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Photo: Philip Boardman

Philip Boardman and Helmuth Gladis founded the company in 1992. In 1994 Helmuth went back to his home country Namibia, and Philip became sole Director.

Before starting Alternative Structures, Philip gained the following expertise:

  • Project Management (how to get the knowledge of a lot of specialists tapped and combined into a final system or product).
  • Methods of getting very low volume items manufactured and at low prices.
  • Understanding the basics of a wide range of disciplines - plastics, metal forming, electricity, specification writing and testing.
  • Getting things done in spite of the system and many drawbacks encountered.

Philip Boardman, MD

What do we do?

Alternative Structures deals with problem solving, mechanical design and project management, specialising in Metal Pressings and Plastic Injection Moulding.

Alternative Structures holds several Patents, Design Registrations and Trademarks of metal and plastic identification tags and round anti-split plates.

How do we do it?

By designing products, having tooling made to specification, owning it, and then sub-contracting the manufacturing on a long-term basis. Alternative Structures stays close to its core expertise - technical problem solving, design and development. This is part of the success of the company.

Alternative Structures has access to a unique method of  manufacturing moulds for plastic products at a low price. This is done with a quality finish and very low or high production capabilities. Most of the plastic products are exported worldwide.

As most of our clients in South Africa are based in remote areas all over the country, Alternative Structures has developed a highly effective distribution capability, and therefore can distribute any product locally as well as internationally.

Part of the Community

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South Africa:

 Alternative Structures has more than 160 loyal customers, including some well known companies all over South Africa.


Alternative Structures exports to Zambia,  Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique and Switzerland.

Excellent Location


We are based in Centurion, part of the new Tshwane Unicity, well situated for exports. Centurion lies at the intersection of two major highways and is within easy reach of Johannesburg International Airport. See Contact for maps

Map: Centurion within Gauteng



Alternative Structures - Personnel



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