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Alternative Structures deals with problem solving, mechanical design and project management, specialising in Metal Pressings and Plastic Injection Moulding.

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Metal Pressings

We have been the major suppliers of metal plates to the treated pole industry in South Africa since 1993.  Our clients are mostly pole treaters, thatchers, hardware stores and customers related to the building industry.  Internationally we are exporting to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique.




150p - GPS 01 H4 - 03 agtergrond



Currently most of our metal pressing work is related to the treated pole industry, although the expertise and facilities are available to produce any type of metal pressings. This includes electrical motor laminations, shallow drawing of thick metal sheeting and other types of metal forming.

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Alternative Structures has more than 20 years’ experience in many of the plastic manufacturing processes. Most of its production is currently done with the injection moulding technique.





150p - 9545 agtergrond





We have access to a unique method of building moulds, at low cost, with a quality finish and tight tollerance, with very low or high production capabilities.  The factory producing the tooling and products has all the latest production machinery and technology.

Most of our plastic products are distributed worldwide.

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Design and Development

Alternative Structures stays close to its core expertise by designing products and having tooling made to its own specification, then sub-contracting the manufacturing on a long term basis.

Design and development services resulting into production are also available.


Alternative Structures is an agent for EasyClip in Centurion.

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Haglöf Products

Alternative Structures provides a range of forestry products supplied by Haglöf and has Haglöf-trained personnel.

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Signumat Products

Alternative Structures provides a range of Signumat tags and tools for marking in forestry, industry and urban areas.

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Forest Carbon Inventory Equipment

We supply cost effective equipment out of South Africa to the African market to do inventory of Forest Carbon.

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